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TenPoint Crossbows Supports Raise Them Right™

Raise Them Right™, a nationwide initiative focused on empowering parents and adult mentors to help nurture life skills and to instill strong moral values in America’s youth, is pleased to announce that TenPoint Crossbows is the latest corporate member to join this important and growing movement.

Powered by Fathers in the Field®, Raise Them Right™ is an encouragement and support initiative with a strong outdoor recreation approach to providing young Americans with positive and long-lasting life experiences. Adult mentors and parents, through intentional interaction, offer the essential reinforcement of the values and virtues essential for youth to become just, responsible, and morally strong adults who will lead our country into the future.

“Institutional forces throughout our country and society are now actively subverting the parents’ roles and responsibilities in raising their children by promoting ideas and ideologies that oppose healthy relationships and are intended to destroy the traditional family unit. That is a difficult force for any parent to stand against by themselves. Raise Them Right™, with the support of responsible and concerned outdoor industry members like our friends at TenPoint Crossbows, seeks to fortify parents and responsible adults against this onslaught to protect our nation’s youth so that they may grow into successful, confident, and morally sound citizens and parents themselves,” said John Smithbaker, Founder. 

To learn more about Raise Them Right™ and how you can help our country’s youth in this unprecedented time in America, visit Corporate entities and members of the outdoor industry can go here to learn how to support the Raise Them Right™ movement and to “have the backs” of parents and children during this difficult moment in American history.


Raise Them Right™ is an American movement that encourages parents and mentors to invest time with young people to build within them a legacy of values and virtues—empowering youth with self-confidence, wholesome relationships, and skills they need to succeed in life.

Powered by Fathers in the Field®, Raise Them Right™ illuminates the efforts and accomplishments of individuals, families, and organizations making positive, life-enduring changes in America’s upcoming generation.

This nationwide initiative focuses on helping our young people overcome personal challenges by encouraging active parenting and mentorship in healthy and meaningful lifestyles that tap into our country’s natural bounty and rich outdoor heritage.


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