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The Curated Hunting Life Edition 1

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I have been promising a weekly newsletter for over 2 years and I came up with every excuse not to do it.  Someone finally called me out on it, so welcome to edition one.  If you don’t see our newsletter each week, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.  

Welcome to edition one
Our goal is to share the stories, articles, gear reviews, gear deals, hunts and news from the hunting and shooting industry for our readers. We hope that, week after week, we provide you enough value, knowledge and deals that keep you coming back.  If we aren’t providing you value, please tell us how we can improve or unsubscribe.  Of course would prefer the note telling us your thoughts.  If you really like what we are doing, don’t hesitate to share our newsletter out to anyone you think will be interested.  We are working on a referral program for our newsletter and we will be running some giveaways in the weeks and months to come.  In edition two we will share our first quick giveaway for readers and followers.

How we work
We own and but not all of our articles, stories and reviews will come from our site.  If we see an article, story, gear review, video or instagram photo like the one above we will share it with our readers.  If it is interesting, it might end up in our newsletter.  As well, we will share some of our own articles  and we hope to share photos submitted from our readers and followers.  We make money from our sponsors and we make money through affiliate links.  We will also have a link to buy me a coffee at the bottom of our newsletter.

News of the Week
Making A Difference On The Ground – SCIF Anti-Poaching Efforts
Safari Foundation has a long history of involvement with anti-poaching operations in Africa, having invested more than half a million thanks to the Hunter Legacy Fund and our generous donors over the last 10 years. Poaching is driven by a complex set of social and economic factors, so consideration for the role of local communities and respect for human rights is fundamental to any work in which SCIF engages.

Colt got sold this last week and consolidation in the media industry is heating up like crazy.  There have been several major acquisitions over the past year including the newest sale of Outside Magazine to Pocket Outdoor Media.  The hunting and shooting industry and the outdoor industry may see a great deal of consolidation over the next year as things continue to heat up.

Hank Shaw wrote a great primer on the use on cooking with caul fat.  We will share a ton of things from Hank Shaw.  This week we are shopping and prepping to make Mushroom Stuffed Pheasant Breast and a week later will braise the legs to make some form of street tacos.

Gear Review of the Week
The Dry Dog Kennel Mat is a rubberized mat that fits in the bottom of my Ruff Land Kennel.  It provides some raised rubber and neoprene to allow my pup Miko to  sleep comfortably in her kennel nightly as well as  travel safely in the truck giving her some purchase so she does not slide around the kennel.  So far these mats are made for Ruff Land and Pet Mate Kennels with more coming.

Deal of the Week
Solostove has some great deals on their new Ultimate Grill Bundle.  While not a deal at the moment it’s time to start  considering turkey season and the great new Purrfect Pair XD Turkey decoy set from Montana Decoy is worth taking a  look at.  

4 Play Turkey Calls – Without question the 4 Play Turkey call is one of the most innovative designs for a turkey call created.  It offers four different sounds from a single box call.  They currently have a special offer of  20% off and free shipping.

Ranger Ready – We couldn’t be more excited to have Ranger Ready as a full-time sponsor for Hunting Life.  We are tremendous fans of the Ranger Ready Hunting Kit scent-free bug protection that offers the one-two punch for dangerous insects.  This kit provides a combination pack of Permethrin and Picaridin: Permethrin for your clothes to kill ticks and mosquitoes and Picaridin on your exposed skin to repel them.

If you’ve enjoyed our newsletter, please forward this to a friend and ask them to subscribe.  If you have seen value from our newsletter, please don’t hesitate to buy me a coffee.

Parting Shot

Donna Boddington with a great Desert Big Horn Ram

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