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The John Bartolo Show Continues To Shake Up the Firearms Industry

The John Bartolo show continues its trend of being unlike typical media creators and promoters in the firearms and outdoor industry.

This past weekend, TJBTS hosted representatives from several of its sponsors to attend UFC Fight Night in ringside seats at the UFC APEX In Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to that, they participated in a range day that was put together by a collaborative effort of all of the brands, and dinner and entertainment at Top Golf Las Vegas.

“Our Goal is to be DIFFERENT…”
-John Bartolo

Participating in and co-sponsoring the event were RITON Optics,  Volquartsen FirearmsINFORCE Weapon Lights and CMMG Firearms.

Podcasting is the fastest growing medium for entertainment and news. A simple Internet search yields numerous shooting sports related podcasts – so what makes the John Bartolo show any different from the others? The answer is simple.

The caliber of guests on the John Bartolo show are high, popular, diverse, and, above all,  ENTERTAINING.

This is not your “typical“ firearm or outdoor related podcast.
This “sponsors weekend,” is also something atypical to the industry.

“ I think the future of content in this industry will be micro events similar to this built around pillars of content,“ Bartolo said. “The biggest problem we have in the gun industry is a failure to adapt and evolve. Writers want to write about the ballistics of such-and-such gun, take pictures of someone doing a mag dump, and advertising with their name and a picture of their product… the folks that evolve are going to cream those guys. We want to be at the head of that crowd.”

When asked why the program and it’s host feel the need to rock the boat from the norm, Bartolo stated that they want to shake things up even MORE.

“Look -every program out there wants something from somebody. They all beg for sponsors. They all ask for money… And they’re all just your typical vanilla let’s talk about this gun, that gun, how to hunt or shoot, blah, blah, blah…
Our goal is to be DIFFERENT. We get guests here from the entertainment industry, the combat sports industry, the health and fitness industry…we get real American heroes like wounded veterans, people in and out of the gun world that are business and marketing experts… You name it. We talk to them about guns. Some of them we introduce to shooting. Plus WE TAKE CARE OF THE FOLKS THAT TAKE CARE OF US. I mean, when was the last time somebody you “sponsored“ hosted you for an evening of entertainment? Took you somewhere nice? Did more for you than just put their hand out? THAT’S one of the main ways I want to be different from everyone else.“

Yes, it’s fair to say that Bartolo is shaking up the industry and how things work. Rubbing elbows with people like Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Junior, Rudy Giuliani, local and national politicians, and massive industry folks like Dana White and Mr. Universe Jay Cutler doesn’t hurt.

While the Bartolo show is only a little over two years old, it already has more than 600,000 direct downloads, over 1.3 million YouTube views, and is available everywhere podcasts are heard.

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