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The Joys of a First Hunt

Shells. Check. Calls. Check. Realtree Camo. Check. License and tags. Check. The joys of the first hunt of the season. After checking everything two and three times over I usually go to bed the night before with the gut feeling I’m forgetting something. On a turkey hunt last spring with an eager young hunter, I went through the checklist and seemed to hit all the boxes. Besides, I have extras of just about everything packed to be able to handle any situation. 

Fast forward to a morning full of gobbling, several encounters, and an eastern long beard at 25 yards offering to be turned to the young hunters first punched tag. There just happened to be a minor problem at the moment of truth. After a brief story time conversation with her father, I came across a box that never got checked. It wasn’t the tag or licenses as those were ready to be filled. The gun was patterned and ready to “bark.” The visual aid was the issue here. While some people need coffee to be civil in the mornings, this young hunter needed glasses to see distances. That long beard next to the hen at 25 yards looked about the same. She was not sure of her target and we cannot be mad about this. My checklist? That’s the reason for concern. 

It was our first hunt together and while we are cousins, we have never hunted together. I did not know the right questions to ask her. Secondly, the checklist was catered to me not her. Everyone has a different checklist and this is something we get to address on a daily basis in helping clients buy and sell property across the country. 

As a Realtree Land Pro, I get to check boxes on a daily basis. We have checklists when buying and selling properties for our clients. Maximize property exposure. Check. Top market price. Check. Investment potential. Check. Cabin building site. Check. Wildlife habitat. Check. We handle these checklists personally for all of our clients, on a daily basis. In addition, we have checklists that our clients often do not think of immediately including mineral rights, water rights, agricultural taxes, surveys, timber value and more. Every client, every property, and every intended use has a different checklist. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell, the first box you need to check is finding a Realtree Land Pro. With a lifelong investment, there are some boxes you do not want to miss. Each property and each individual has different checklists. There is no need to go it alone. The right agent in your corner can be the difference in an empty box, or a check in any box whether buying or selling. Check your first box and reach out to a Realtree Land Pro today. 

About the author

Ryan Biltz is a Realtree United Country Land Pro and real estate agent in eastern Ohio. He specializes in the sale of hunting properties, farm land, timber land and investment properties. His educational background in agribusiness and soil science, combined with a passion for hunting, gives him the knowledge and skills to help clients looking for hunting property, land for sale and recreational property in Ohio. He can be reached at 330-696-3716 or at

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