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Toadfish Outfitters Expands Fishing Product Catalog

The updated catalog includes new rods, fillet system, and braided fishing line

In 2018, Charleston-based Toadfish Outfitters launched its series of inshore rods – the first rods in the market to give back to coastal conservation through Toadfish’s oysterbed recycling program. Since then, the company has expanded its fishing catalog to include a full range of Spinning Rods, Casting Rods, Fly Rods, Travel Rods, a portable fillet knife + cutting board system, a fish spatula, and Toad Braid, a newly-launched saltwater-tough braided fishing line.

“We want to ensure our anglers have everything they need for a great fishing experience,” said Casey Davidson, Founder of Toadfish. “From the line and rod that they cast to the fillet knife and cutting board they use after – all while knowing that their support of Toadfish directly supports conservation.”

In addition to replanting oyster habitat for every product sold, Toadfish also gives back to fish hatcheries in South Carolina and Alabama, helping replenish the population of inshore species like redfish, trout, cobia, tarpon, and flounder.

“Conservation is at the core of everything we do,” said Davidson. “We’re passionate about our products, not only because of their performance but because they allow us to fulfill our mission of creating a healthy coastal ecosystem.”

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About Toadfish

TOADFISH OUTFITTERS is a manufacturer of thoughtfully designed eco-friendly coastal products and apparel. It is an eco-active company dedicated to protecting the saltwater environment and keeping it healthy, educating customers to better understand the cause and effect of over-harvesting versus replenishment, and by elevating everyone’s enjoyment of life outdoors no matter where your next adventure takes you. For more information, visit

More Information on Toadfish Fishing Products

  • Toadfish Inshore Fishing Rod ($138.00)
    • Your new go-to rods for light tackle inshore. These versatile rods feature responsive tip sections that are fast enough to feel every bump but not too fast where you pull hooks. They are powerful lightweight rods that load beautifully with consistent bends throughout. They are also built to last with rugged salt-proof components and a revolutionary ergonomic handle that won’t chip, tear, or weather.
  • The Toad Braided Line ($20.00)
    • Toad Braid is a superior casting, soft-handling, no-stretch, abrasion-resistant superline designed to quickly hook and hold THE TOAD of a lifetime. Toadfish braid features tiny diameters with high tensile strengths that allow the line to fly through the guides of our Toadfish rods creating the ultimate casting combination. Extreme abrasion resistance allows you to fish around structure like oyster beds, dock piling, fallen trees, or mangroves and have the confidence to pitch and wrangle out whatever TOAD your chasing. 
    • Toadfish is on a mission to ensure sustainable ecosystems. For every product sold, toadfish will restock key fish species through donations made to hatcheries across the united states. We are helping replenish the population of inshore species like redfish, trout, cobia, & flounder. Let’s Put ‘Em Back!
  • Stowaway Travel Spinning Rods ($178.00)
    • The Stowaway Travel Rod is a 3-piece multi-action rod designed for the traveling angler. The package includes 5 interchangeable pieces, 2 interchangeable mid-sections, 2 interchangeable tip-sections, and our ergonomic Toadfish handle that breakdown to store in a crush-proof aluminum travel tube. This design allows anglers to mix and match rod pieces to create 4 unique rods with different actions on the fly. The Stowaway gives you the ability to have the right rod for the right fishing situation no matter where your adventure takes you. Also, for every rod sold we will replant oyster beds to help clean coastal waters.
  • Ultimate Spatula ($28.00)
    • At Toadfish we love to grill. We love to cook on old seasoned cast iron. But when it comes to handling delicate proteins we could never quite find the right tool for the job. So we set out to do the impossible…innovate a spatula. The result is a fine-tuned, all stainless steel masterpiece with no detail overlooked. It sits balanced, weighted, and secure in the hand with a perfectly thin, flexible tip. When you set it down it boasts a built-in spoon rest keeping your surfaces clean and your food sanitary. This is the last spatula you will ever buy. 
    • This product also gives back to restocking fish in partnership with coastal hatcheries. With every product sold, we are replenishing the population of inshore species like redfish, trout, cobia, tarpon, & flounder. Let’s Put ‘Em Back!
  • Stowaway Folding Fillet System ($108)
    • Folding Fillet Knife Features
      • 7” Titanium Coated Salt-Tough Blade
      • Non-Slip Raised Rib Rubber Grip
      • Stowaway Carabiner
    • Stowaway Folding Cutting Board
      • Magnetic closure
      • Built-in 2-stage knife sharpener – includes a carbide section for setting a sharp edge on dull blades and a ceramic section to finely hone and finish the edge
      • Anti-skid bottom
    • Neoprene Carry Case
      • Designed to easily and safely transport both your fillet knife and cutting board

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