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VAGO, Re-defining Storage with the Smallest Vacuum Compressor In the World

BIG GOOD DESIGN comprises of a group of enthusiastic and talented Taiwanese designers and international sales professionals. We focus on product innovation and R&D. We aim to create innovative problem-solving products with cutting-edge technologies and make our customer’s day-to-day experience better. Our products are highly rated, qualified, functional and sold worldwide with international recognition. The product is also the winner of 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award, 2020 Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award, and 2020 National Invention and Creation Award.

Travel packing can be a hassle for travelers who always run out of luggage space. As the world’s smallest vacuum compressor, VAGO allows users to have 50% more room for storage. Users can easily compact their packings by putting their clothing and other soft objects in VAGO’s special storage bag and activate its vacuum to remove excess air in just one click. Despite being only 7 cm tall and 77 gram ultralight weight, the generated suction exceeds the power of a regular vacuum cleaner. Not only travelers, housewives and outdoor activity participants can also benefit from the application, from storing seasonal clothing to backpacking, users will no longer waste money on bulky cupboards and bags.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Portable, ultralight, and powerful
  • Reusable vacuum bag
  • Safe without the battery inside the compressor, especially when traveling by plane
  • Aerodynamic technology design

Additional Information:

Press Kit download:

VAGO FRESH food storage product

VAGO FRESH series products are FDA (US) and the LFGB (EU) food container safety certificated. By using VAGO FRESH, consumers can effectively extend the preservation time of food in a healthy and safe way.


VAGO FRESH Vacuum sealing holds in the moisture, juices, and flavor of the food. Vacuum sealing removes most of the oxygen, preventing chemical reactions triggered by oxygen that cause food to spoil.

VAGO vacuum compressor

VAGO is a product specially designed for storage users. It can easily and conveniently reduce luggage, vacuum food and save more than 50% of the space! VAGO is handy (only 77g, 7cm).

VAGO’s technological innovation are the following points:

1 Extreme compression: The uniquely designed miniature vacuum motor can provide a maximum vacuum of up to 300mmHg, which is about 2.7 times that of a general vacuum cleaner (the vacuum pressure of a general household vacuum cleaner is about 113mmHg), and can compress the volume of soft objects by more than half.

2. Smart detection: Through a unique and sophisticated algorithm and program control design, VAGO can determine the vacuum condition in the vacuum bag in real time by detecting the motor current. The user only needs to press the power switch and VAGO can automatically perform vacuum compression.

3. Small: The overall product height is only 7 cm and the weight is only 77 grams. It is currently the smallest vacuum compressor on the market.

4. Simple: You only need to fix the VAGO, connect the power supply, and press the switch three steps to use it easily.

5. Fast vacuum: The pumping speed can be as high as 2.5L per minute and the vacuum flow rate is more than 2.5L per minute. Calculated based on the capacity of the M-size vacuum bag that can put the contents into 5 tops, 2 trousers, and 5 sets of underwear, it only needs a vacuum time of less than five minutes.

6. High-strength vacuum bag: In order to counteract the squeezing of other items in the suitcase and the pressure changes in the cabin, the compressed vacuum bag is made of high-tech and high-quality composite materials. In addition to good toughness and puncture resistance, the entire bag can be washed with water. , The extremely high degree of reuse is also more in line with environmental protection requirements.

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