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Vara Safety Partners with Walk The Talk America

Vara Safety, the handgun safe made for protection, has joined up with WTTA to help spread WTTA’s message of “Mental Health, it’s ok to talk about it” with a commitment to explore new technologies to help save lives

Las Vegas, Nev. (March 2021) – Walk The Talk America (WTTA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to bridge the gap between the firearms industry and owners and the mental health industry, is proud to announce Vara Safety has joined WTTA’s growing list of industry partners.

“When we met with Mike Sodini, it was incredible to hear his story which led him to start this inspiring initiative in mental health and firearms,” Timmy Oh, CEO and founder of Vara Safety, commented. “The work Mike and his team are doing helps save lives through awareness and education. Vara Safety is lucky to have the opportunity to stand beside an organization dedicated to protecting our rights and reducing the number of deaths by suicide.”

Vara Safety was founded in 2017 and is located in upper New York State. Founder, Timmy Oh, and his team of engineers, marketing, and operation leaders brought groundbreaking biometric technology to firearms safety with the release of Reach, a patented biometric handgun safe that allows the user to simultaneously unlock the firearm using a fingerprint reader while drawing the handgun in a ready and safe position. Reach 2 the fingerprint and RFID handgun safe is their newest product offering, an upgrade to the original Reach handgun safe. Vara Safety will be placing WTTA’s Treatment Engagement flyer in every box they ship out. The flyer provides information on receiving free and anonymous mental health screening on WTTA’s website, as well as multiple other resources on mental health and responsible gun ownership. In addition to supporting WTTA’s flyer program, Vara Safety will also explore new technologies that can help save lives.

“I’m excited to get the support of Vara Safety in regards to Walk The Talk America’s mission,” Mike Sodini, founder and president of Walk the Talk America, added. “I was a fan of their product before this partnership, and I’m even a bigger fan now that I know their company values. Responsible gun ownership plays a major role in suicide prevention and safe storage may be the last line of defense for those that are in crisis. It’s nice to see a company within the firearms industry step up and go beyond just making a sale of their product. I look forward to looking for innovative ways through technology for us to save lives and promote better mental health.”

Find out more about how your company can become involved with Walk The Talk America and help prevent the next gun-related tragedy at

About Walk the Talk America:

Our mission is to fund research and development for outreach and promotion of mental health to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. We believe we can be a catalyst for change by working with experts in the mental health

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