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Virginia Wildlife Board Supports Expanded Sunday Hunting Opportunities

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources Board has adopted a resolution in support of expanded Sunday hunting opportunities. While bills to do exactly that have failed in three straight sessions of the Virginia General Assembly, the move sends a clear signal to state legislators.

“We are hopeful that another bi-partisan, pro-Sunday hunting bill is introduced when the next session opens in January, because this resolution gives us real momentum,” said Cyrus Baird, senior director of government affairs for Delta Waterfowl. “With a supportive Virginia DWR and a passionate legion of Delta members behind us, this presents a wonderful opportunity to fully open Sunday hunting to Virginians once and for all.”

In 2014, The Duck Hunters Organization was instrumental in opening Sunday waterfowl hunting opportunities on Virginia’s private and public waterways. However, Sunday hunting of other game can still only take place on private lands. And even for waterfowl, many areas remain off limits on Sundays, such as national forests, national wildlife refuges, military bases and certain wildlife management areas. The acres on which Sunday hunting in Virginia could expand total in the millions.

“Legislation that mirrors this resolution would certainly open new opportunities for duck and goose hunters,” Baird said. “But perhaps as importantly, it would clarify the regulations. It can be difficult for people to discern whether they can hunt ducks on this public area or that on a Sunday. Some WMAs allow it and others don’t.”

Members of Virginia’s DWR board are appointed by the governor, citizens of the commonwealth and knowledgeable of wildlife conservation, hunting, fishing, boating, agriculture, forestry or habitat.

“We applaud the Virginia DWR board for adopting this resolution,” Baird said. “It supports equitable, universal Sunday hunting opportunities for hunters of both private and public lands.”

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