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Walrath, Weisz Lead International Rifle at CMP’s October Monthly Air Gun Matches

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) latest round of Monthly Matches fired Oct. 9, 2021, at both of its indoor air gun range locations in Anniston, Alabama, and Camp Perry, Ohio. Though many regular athletes to CMP’s air rifle and pistol events were off competing in the ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation) Junior World Championships in Lima, Peru, the October Monthly Match still yielded over 150 entries between the two facilities.

Claiming the win in the International Rifle event in Alabama was the Army Marksmanship Unit’s SP4 Alison Weisz, with a score of 252.4. Weisz, who earned 6th in the air rifle mixed team event and 14th in the 10-meter air rifle event at the Tokyo Olympics this year, earned the victory by just four-tenths of a point above fellow Army Marksmanship Unit teammate, SP4 Sagen Maddalena. Maddalena also represented Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics, bringing home a 5th place finish in the 50m rifle three-position match.

Emme Walrath (center) led both the 60 Shot International and 3×20 Precision Air Rifle events at Camp Perry.

Emme Walrath, 15, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, returned to Camp Perry once again to lead the International Rifle Monthly Match – her third win in the event in 2021. Walrath also led the 3×20 Precision Rifle Match with an impressive score of 595-47X. The win was her second in that event.

Anna McComb, 14, of Orient, Ohio, topped the Camp Perry Sporter 3×20 with 525-9X, as Bethany Shirley, 14, of Monroe, Georgia, led the category in Anniston with an overall score of 532-15X.

Anna McComb (center) was the overall winner in the 3×20 Sporter event at Camp Perry, with Avery Hines (left) and Drake Reynolds (right) earning second and third.

Elysa Walter, 17, of Sugar Hill, Georgia, acquired a score of 590-48X in the Anniston 3×20 Precision Match – just three points above the second place competitor. Walter had previously earned the win in the event back in September.

In air pistol, Timothy Schmeltzer, 24, of Greenville, Michigan, led the International event at Camp Perry with a score of 560-8X. Only three air pistol athletes competed in Anniston, with Colonel Bruce Meredith, 84, of La Grange, Georgia, coming out on top with a score of 531-6X.

Timothy Schmeltzer (center) was the overall International Pistol winner at Camp Perry, followed by Steven Slee (left) and Steven Gwensberg (right).

Other top athletes of the October Monthly Matches:

International Rifle Camp Perry:

  1. Emme Walrath, 15, Kenosha, Wisconsin – 248.2
  2. Julie Klusmeier, 26, Cincinnati, Ohio – 242.3
  3. Brennan Laing, 16, Plymouth, Michigan – 227.2

International Pistol Camp Perry:

  1. Timothy Schmeltzer, 24, Greenville, Michigan – 560-8X
  2. CSM Steven Slee, 57, Dimondale, Michigan – 544-6X
  3. Steven Gwensberg, 40, Oakton, Virginia – 536-9X

3×20 Precision Rifle Camp Perry:

  1. Emme Walrath, 15, Kenosha, Wisconsin – 595-47X
  2. Logan McClimans, 17, Jamestown, Pennsylvania – 582-31X
  3. Jacob Wisman, 15, Independence, West Virginia – 581-30X

3×20 Sporter Rifle Camp Perry:

  1. Anna McComb, 14, Orient, Ohio – 525-9X
  2. Avery Hines, 11, Ashville, Ohio – 504-2X
  3. Drake Reynolds, 11, Ashville, Ohio – 411-0X

International Rifle Anniston:

  1. SP4 Alison Weisz, 26, Army Marksmanship Unit – 252.4
  2. SP4 Sagen Maddalena, 28, Army Marksmanship Unit – 252.0
  3. SPC Tim Sherry, 27, Army Marksmanship Unit – 227.4

3×20 Precision Rifle Anniston:

  1. Elysa Walter, 17, Sugar Hill, Georgia – 590-48X
  2. Liv Lusky, 16, Dahlonega, Georgia – 587-35X
  3. Julia Oubre, 16, Acworth, Georgia – 587-34X

3×20 Sporter Rifle Anniston:

  1. Bethany Shirley, 14, Monroe, Georgia – 532-15X
  2. Devyn Chapman, 15, Piedmont, Alabama – 529-11X
  3. Brandon Edwards, 17, Millbrook, Alabama – 515-13X
The Monthly Air Gun Matches combine both rifle and pistol matches for athletes of all ages. Only one remains for 2021.

Only one Monthly Match remains for the 2021 season! The final Monthly Match of the year will be held Nov. 13, in both Ohio and Alabama. Learn more by visiting

A complete list of results of the October Monthly Matches can be found on the CMP’s Competition Tracker page at (Camp Perry) and (Anniston). Photos of the event can be downloaded for free from the CMP’s Zenfolio page at (Camp Perry) and (Anniston).

Georgia’s Elysa Walter earned the gold medal in Anniston for the 3×20 air rifle event.

Monthly Match League:

Along with regular competition, a Monthly Match League combines the scores of return competitors to recognize consistent placers from both Ohio and Alabama during the 2021 season. Cash prizes based on League participation are presented to the first three places in each match as well as a CMP plaque. Additional prizes will be given to fourth and fifth place overall winners while also recognizing the High Junior and Most Improved athletes. With only November remaining in the Monthly Match League, here are the current leaders:

Fourteen year-old Bethany Shirley earned the gold medal for the 3×20 sporter event in Anniston.

CMP Air Gun Ranges are Open to the Public!

The CMP South Competition Center and the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center conduct Open Public Nights every week, where individuals of all ages are welcome to try their hands at air gun. The ranges are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. EST at Camp Perry and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. CST in Anniston. Guests may also visit the ranges by appointment Monday through Thursday. Learn more about the ranges at

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto

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