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Wildgame Innovations® New Evolution Series Feeders Keep Varmints Out and Deer Coming Back

A dependable hunting feeder attracts and nourishes wildlife, helping hunters hold and pattern deer on their hunting property. Wildgame Innovations® adds two new models, the Evolution Feeder 225 and Evolution Feeder 270, to its line of dependable hunting feeders for 2021. The Evolution Feeders’ innovative design with Varmint-Vault™ technology keeps varmints out and deer coming back.

Both models are 100% varmint-proof, protecting valuable feed from pesky critters and unwanted dinner guests at bay. The key to eliminating varmints from a feed site is by limiting access to the feed. Raccoons are notoriously known for crawling up feeder legs so they can spin the feeder plate by hand to get feed. 

The secret to the Evolution Feeder PCU’s (Power Control Unit) spinner plate design is that it is completely sealed except when the motor is running. The recessed, self-sealing spinner plate underneath a heavy-duty mounting bracket stops critters from accessing the feed when the feeder is not in use. A new arm design uses centrifugal force so that the spinner plate drops down during a feed cycle to release feed, and a spring automatically seals it back against the feed container once the cycle is complete. With this advancement, contents within the feeder are completely inaccessible to varmints and other pests.

To see the Varmint-Vault™ in action, click here.

The Evolution Feeders’ PCU units run on a single 6V rechargeable battery and include a lockable padlock hasp. A galvanized steel spinner plate, durable powder-coated legs, and rigid poly barrel design stand up to the elements for years of trouble-free feeding.  

The Evolution Feeder 225 employs a 225-pound capacity, 30-foot feed radius, and up to four feed times per day. The larger Evolution Feeder 270 offers a 270-pound capacity, 50-foot feed radius, and up to six feed times per day. Choose an Evolution Feeder that works best for you, your land, and your game.


  • 100% varmint proof so you can easily attract and pattern game.
  • Flush spinner plate underneath heavy-duty mounting bracket keeps critters out – no external cage or electricity needed.
  • Spring-loaded design automatically reseals to barrel after spinning.
  • New arm design uses centrifugal force to drop as feed is dispersed.
  • Lockable padlock hasp.
  • Durable powder-coated legs (12-piece kit).
  • Galvanized steel spinner plate.
  • Evolution 225 MSRP $129.99, Evolution 270 MSRP $139.99.

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