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Wisconsin-Based Deer Hunting Application sees surge in Users and Downloads

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin – Hunting smart phone app, Where to Hunt, has been downloaded in the state more than 1,000 times in the last few days. Additionally, the app’s podcast has been downloaded 10,000 times this past week. Creators say there is a rejuvenated interest in the outdoors and hunting this year. 

The smart phone app, Where to Hunt, was developed in 2016 by Oconomowoc resident Eric Clark. Users of the app can see where one another is logged in and hunting on a map. The purpose of the app is to give other hunters safe distance for hunting on public lands and also identify occupied and unoccupied public hunting and keep track of your private hunting party. “I created the app to help create a safer hunt and provide a better use of time afield. Rather than bumping into other hunters, you can identify if a parcel is occupied and avoid one another.” Says Founder, Eric Clark. 

Clark says interest in the Where to Hunt app and podcast are indicative of renewed interest in the outdoors and hunting in Wisconsin in 2020. “Hunting in this state has always been popular but this year we’ve seen a huge increase in interest…. We’ve heard from more newcomers to hunting than other years.”

Excitement in this year’s hunt is evident based on engagement in the weekly Where to Hunt podcast, where hunters call in and voice their opinions on anything hunting. “I’ll be hunting Beaver Dam and brining my friend along for their first hunt, we’re super excited!” – says a podcast listener that had called into their live broadcast earlier this week. 

The Where to Hunt brand is all about conservation of public lands. “As people flock to the outdoors, it’s important to consider just how much hunting contributes to our state’s public lands for all to use.” Clark hopes the increased interest in hunting this year translates to increased interest in conservation for years to come. 

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Source: Huntinglife

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