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Yackley Family Starts 2021 Season in First Place

Team Winchester members Becky, Tim and Sean Yackley each received first-place finishes in their respective classes at their first competition of 2021: the Missouri 3-Gun Championship. This 10-stage event was held near Versailles, Missouri, at the Lead Farm 3-Gun range with more than 100 competitors in attendance. Tim Yackley finished first in the Tactical Optics category, Becky took top honors in the Lady category, and Sean received first place in the Iron Sights category.

“This was our first match of the year and first time using some new gear in competition,” said Becky Yackley, Team Winchester 3-gun shooter. “Despite that added challenge, we were still able to finish very strong and are excited to keep this momentum going throughout 2021.” 

About the Yackley Family

As part of Team Winchester, the Yackley family members — Becky, Mark, Tim, Sean and Andrew — have made a name for themselves by competing at events around the globe and sharing their expertise through educational content.

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