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Yaheetech Massage Table Review

massage Table

One of the joys of owning a business like this website is that sometimes companies contact you and ask you to review their products.  Most of the time those products are a genuine fit for our audience and for our niche.  When the products are not a fit, generally we say no, thank you, and move on. But when the team from Yaheetech reached out to us and asked us to pick anything we wanted to review, I just couldn’t resist the temptation.  I had a new office chair and my office is pretty cramped so we didn’t need a couch. So we opted for a massage table as I had never owned one. And I thought, why the heck not? If it wasn’t a fit for us, we could donate it to a family member who would appreciate it. Yaheetech provided us this table to review; our opinions are our own.

Yaheetech does much of their business through Amazon, and they have a tremendously wide variety of products.  The massage table came very well packaged. When I took it out of the box and unwrapped everything, I was impressed with how extensive the kit was. The table is not overly wide, but it works great for my wife and for me. The table felt solid, and when we both sat on the table together, we put 350 lbs. on it with no problem. The headrest is well done and the hand rest below the head works well. The hand rest is held up with minimal straps. The bed fits together with latches and slides, and when folded down it fits into the closet. The latches and handles are well built and easy to use, and it can be store under the bed or in a closet.

The leather is nice, but a sheet just feels a little better so we ordered some sheets to maximize comfort when we lay down on the table.  We have used this bed after intense workouts at the gym, and it is really nice to enjoy a massage after a long time at the gym.  The bed feels secure when you turn over on the bed. The face cradle is nice and the wood trim and black covering look good. The bed measures out at a full 84 inches.

The Yaheetech Massage Table has an adjustable 2-fold adjustable bed that allows you to sit up if needed.  The unit is portable, and it has some great features if you are a professional massage person. For us, this bed will be moved into our gym (which is a work in progress but ultimately will include a home gym, stationary bike and rowing machine.)  If you are looking for a little luxury for your home gym, take a look at the reasonable and well-built Yaheetech Massage Table sold on Amazon.

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