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Hunting Signs

Good evening everyone. A couple buddies and I just leased some property for hunting season. While walking the property we noticed a few stands left by the prior hunters, who never used the property. The prior group had 1 leader who was showing the new guys how to hunt, unfortunately he became very ill with a form of cancer and they never hunted. But the guys and I wanted to be gentlemen and at the very least leave a couple signs next week on the stands giving the old crew time to remove them and let them know the land has new leaser’s. We are going to even offer to move them out for them and give them to the land owner or leave them for their removal. We plan on leaving the signs with our phone numbers and name laminated and zip tied to the stands. I was wondering if anyone here has any letter they’ve used in the past or a few ideas on how to word it etc. We are easy going guys and don’t want to be rude or start trouble but we’ve never had to leave these signs. Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.

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