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T/C Thunderhawk for deer. Bullet/powder/powder charge opinions and anecdotes welcome

So my grandfather passed down a T/C Thunderhawk to my family. He had bought it from a family friend who needed money and never shot it. I took it out for shits and gigs and it being my first experience with a smokepole, it was nerve wracking pulling the trigger on something I loaded the powder and bullet into myself (ive shot plenty of pistols rifles and shotguns prior, but theres a different more old timey feel pouring powder down a barrel as opposed to dropping a shotshell or case into an action). Lets just say I watched some videos more times than id like to admit, told my buddies who got which of my guns if it blew up in my face, they stood waaay back, and I said a quick prayer as i held over the target and squeezed off.

Well it went flawlessy, and I am hooked. Dumped another 20 or so rounds downrange that day. I applied for muzzleloader tags for the fall for deer but since nobody I know has experience with a muzzleloader let alone hunted with one, I was hoping for some honest opinions on a few things.

Kinds of bullets you have used before, type of powder, how much powder per shot? Preferrably from a T/C thunderhawk. 1-38″ twist, or another muzzleloader with the same twist, but any advice is graciously accepted

As well as if you clean between each shot? I understand that the BP coats and fouls the rifling and lands in the barrel after a shot. What I dont know is if I should run brushes down the barrel between each sight in shot before hunting. Online evidence for both letting some fouling build up and cleaning after each shot can be found. But I come from a family that religiously disassembles and cleans their guns after a shooting outing. Up to this point I was taught thats how it should be, the best gun is a clean gun.

So I humbly ask for your opinions. Plz be gentle, I am but a green young smokepoler.

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