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Texas Whitetail Deer with Double Diamond Outfitters

Best Texas Whitetail Hunts

I’ve got some of the best ranches in South & Central Texas, with some of the best Texas Whitetail Hunts!  All of my whitetail deer hunts are for native Texas deer and all of my ranches are intensely managed to allow the bucks to reach maturity before they are harvested. You won’t be hunting an ear-tagged, 3-year-old whitetail, that was released from a deer pen in September. I’ve got access to giant antlered, pen deer, if that’s what you’re looking for, but I specialize in an authentic whitetail deer hunting experience for mature, native whitetail deer.

When you book a hunt with me, you will be hunting with me!  I’m on all of my Texas Whitetail Hunts to provide my personal attention/service to help ensure your hunt is an experience of a lifetime.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Texas:

We mainly hunt whitetail deer from either ground blinds or tower blinds overlooking several sendero’s (cleared roadways) in the brush. Hunting from blinds gives us a very comfortable and stable shooting position and greatly increases our success. Depending on the terrain and time of year we may also hunt safari style, from a high rack mounted on a vehicle, still hunt or rattle during the rut.

A typical day whitetail hunting begins before daylight with a quick easy breakfast of coffee, fruit, pastries and breakfast bars. After breakfast we load up in my Jeep and head out to the deer blind. Getting into the deer blind before sunrise lets everything settle back down for the morning hunt. We typically hunt until about 9 or 10 when we head back to the lodge for a hearty brunch/lunch mid-day.

Early in the afternoon we head back to the blind and settle in for the afternoon hunt.  Since legal shooting ends 30 minutes after sunset we’ll get out of the deer blind after dark and head back to the lodge where we will enjoy a great dinner hot off the grill and the chance to re-live the day’s events before heading to bed to do it all again the next day.

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